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60 East " Love's Drug"

Love can be a drug that will leave you addicted wanting more. For Artist who travel being in a relationship can be difficult to balance. Being apart from each other can be unsettling for both people in the relationship. This is 60 East first attempt to making a love song. The concept is 60 East traveling on tour and thinking of the one he misses. As he is on the road staring out to the the window thinking of his girl and looks back at fun times on his phone pictures. The camera zooms in on the phone with a photo that transitions to that moment in the picture. The moments that we go back to throughout the video is a day at Santa Monica Pier. We take the viewer on a fun romantic day of the couple enjoying the Cali sun and activities. This was a simple shoot with two separate locations. I kept it a warm golden tone to give it a California sunny feel.