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Casting Call for Drug intervention music video

Casting for the following rolls for AA meeting. No dialogue and you must come in character wardrobe. Make-up will be provided.  We will be filming prob the second week of September. The date is tentative. The rolls of Beth, Crystal, Robin, Robin Mother and sweet young lady will be filming an extra day besides the AA meeting scene. 

Please email photo and roll of interest to wackoe01@gmail.com   



1) Marylyn 

A heroin addict skinny girl. Must dress in loose wrinkle clothing and hair not done. 


2) Beth  

A lesbian in love with her partner Crystal who is addicted to crystal  meth. She then turns to the drug by influence and peer pressure from her lover who dies leaving Beth alone and addicted. 


3) Crystal

Beth's lover who is a meth user. She peer pressures Beth and dies of overdoes leaving Beth suffering from depression and addiction to escape the lose. 


4) Ali 

Club goer with his girlfriend Molly. Always out partying dressed for the night out. (Indian or israilan) 


5) Molly

Girlfriend of Ali who is the life of the party. Always on deck with mollies. 


6) Pothead Teen 

Young teen who is in love with his Mary Jane.  He is always high 


7) Male with no name   

The no name stranger has an addiction to Cocaine. 


😎 Robbin 

A young girl who suffers an addiction to Oxycontin. She stoled from her mom to pay for the drug. She is found dead in the bathroom from an overdose. 


9) Robbins Mom 

Who struggles to help her daughter but was to late and found her dead in the bathroom. She blames herself and turns to Alcohol. As she gets worse she is taken advantage of by two men during her drinking spells. 


10) young sweet lady

You lady addicted to love. Her boyfriend plays the double sided coin. He is sweet and abusive. She can't leave him cause she is afraid and feels it's her fault for his rage. 

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