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Broken Chains

I was very happy to be a part of this project that J King brought to the table. The single "Broken Chains" is to promote awareness towards domestic violence. J king was influenced by a friend who nearly lost her life. He wanted to have a video that would help bring the message across visually. Jeremy Hanna of Sullen Clothing and Sullen Musik who appreciates my work suggested me for this project. When J King and I sat down we came up with the idea to start the video at a support group. it will help set the tone of the video and guide the viewer through the story. The Ladies did an amazing job. As the video moves along your taken into the world of Joey the main female character who is experiencing domestic violence. In the chorus of the video you see images of abused women. Jazmine Marquez did an amazing job for make up on the ladies.  check out the video and share for more music of J King head to www.lowlifemusic.com