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Hip Hop Kemp 2016

This past year my craft has given me the opportunity to travel the world. One of my favorite gigs hands down (no brainer) would be the two tours i went on filming artist 60 East in Europe.  Hip Hop Kemp is a festival in Czech Republic. It is the largest Hip Hop Fest in Europe with a line-up consisting of artist from all around the world. I was mind blown on the culture and love of all the people who attended. It is a three day event and fans would camp out just like a Coachella, just no hipsters. The festival is held on a old russian air base that was used during the world war era. Some of the aircraft bunkers are used as stages or lounges for the event.  This event was better then Rock The Bells, yes i said it. For sure this was one to put down in my Hip Hop experiences as a fan and contributer.