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Wackoe (Vincent Enriquez) has been in the industry for 20 years. He has a portfolio that goes back to 1999 providing content for Magazines, Blogs, Media Websites, Music Videos and Film. Wackoe has also created two online media TV shows that provided outlets for the Hip Hop and EDM industry. He has also worked with past events and companies such as Rock The Bells, Insomniac and Gorilla Union. 


Recently Wackoe has completed three short films and has his forth in post

production. He has built a solid foundation and continues to challenge himself creatively. Wackoe Adventures is a Youtube series that shares his experience in his travels and behind the scenes on set of productions. 

“As a kid i was considered weird because my imagination was endless, now I am praised in what i do which is weird  ”

– Vincent "Wackoe" Enriquez

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