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Dangerous Days

Dangerous Days MOVIE POSTER.jpg
Dangerous Days

Directors:  Vincent Enriquez

Screenwriter/Concept:  CE Garcia

Genre:  Sci Fi​

Original Score by: Starkiller
Starring: Nick Smith & Katie Williams
“Virus” Creature Design & Costumes by Nexus-FX
Executive Produced by Vincent Enriquez & Jessica M. Garcia


Depicting the aftermath of love found then lost, Dangerous Days follows a young man as he attempts to permanently sever the emotional connections felt between his heart and mind.

“The love of his life is gone, and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot shake the feelings he harbors for her inside his mind. Unable to overcome the anguish, the young man meets two individuals who possess the technology to convert raw emotion into digital form. Striking a deal with the men, they create a computer virus solely designed to rid his heart & mind of the emotion called love... The time has come. The future is now. These are Dangerous Days.”

“Dangerous Days” is the first in a series of short films from director Vincent Enriquez and screenwriter C.E. Garcia, under the umbrella of Timeline Films. Infusing original ideas, modern film techniques, and original musical scores, Timeline Films aims to deliver a body of work a cut above the rest.

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